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‘They don’t want him’: Ox names the AFL clubs not interested in Brad Scott


Brad Scott and North Melbourne officially parted ways over the weekend, ignoring a contract which had Scott at the club until the end of 2020.

Former AFL legend David ‘Ox’ Schwarz says he’s spoken to contacts at a handful of clubs which might be looking for a new coach – and the news isn’t good for Brad Scott.

“I’ve spoken to a lot of people from Carlton, and a lot of people from St Kilda and Essendon – they don’t want him,” Ox said.

“From all of my friends I’ve spoken to, they don’t want Brad Scott.

“I don’t know why, but some coaches you look at and you watch them play and think they might not be good for your side.

“If the Melbourne position became vacant, would I like Brad Scott? Yeah, I wouldn’t mind Brad Scott, but I wouldn’t be going head hunting for him,

“You’d have to see who was lined up against the wall with him.”

Regardless of whether there’s any interest in clubland for Brad Scott’s service, Ox says he deserves another opportunity as senior coach.

“I think there are a lot of coaches who get rolled from footy clubs and don’t get the sack and don’t get another opportunity, yet they’re good enough,

“For some reason in the AFL, once you’ve been sacked, your papers have been stamped unless you are an exceptional coach who has won premierships.”

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