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‘This is another farcical side of Rugby League’ – Jamie Soward sprays refs

Jamie Soward has unloaded on the NRL referees, claiming the inconsistencies in today’s games are getting larger and larger.

Speaking on Sunday Morning with Julian King, the former NRL Premiership winner believes that the referees today are too over-coached and scared at making the correct call.

Soward took aim at the two sin-bins that took place on Saturday night during the West Tigers v Bulldogs clash at ANZ Stadium.

“This is what was embarrassing. It wasn’t a late hit, it may have been a tad later but I was happy with the contact.

The referee said it was late and forceful. Now, we play a contact sport. You have to use force in our game. Anything that isn’t forceful is going to be deemed not good for your team.”

As the fear of concussion and late hits rise, Soward believes that the bone-crushing contact and ferocity Rugby League is known for, may be lost to the game in the near future.

“We’re getting into another farcical side of Rugby League where we want to slow everything down to have a look at it, and we’re just getting away from the contact of the game.

There may be no contact in Rugby League soon because right now we’re seeing guys not sure for what they’re getting suspended for and they don’t know what late contact is. If you have to think about that going into your contact, you’re not doing your job properly.”

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