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‘This is clearly a joke’: Jimmy is not a fan of McGuire’s radical umpire overhaul

Eddie McGuire has unveiled a radical NFL style umpire overhaul, which features a uniform change into a black and white stripe.

Jimmy Bartel told Macquarie Sports Radio Breakfast the initial plan sounds ridiculous and it would be more beneficial to focus on broadening the umpiring talent pool.

“This is clearly a joke,” said Bartel.

“The umpiring isn’t that bad, but a good point he makes is you’ve got to get more talent into umpiring.

“The running requirements and their physical tests are extraordinary, they’re actually harder than AFL players.

“We need to experiment with umpire interchanging.

“We don’t need the fitness barrier to be so high that we are excluding people based on their running abilities.

“It means you can keep umpires longer in the game and your not setting ridiculous benchmarks to keep them in.”

Bartel further stressed the need to relax on the expectations of umpires.

“Stop changing the rules on them, we need to expect mistakes,” said Bartel.

“The beauty of live sport is it’s the best live reality TV we’ll get, you can not manufacture the emotions and unpredictability it brings.

“We don’t want a cold clean cut game.”

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