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Those who booed Pendlebury should feel ’embarrassed’ says Jimmy Bartel


“Shame on anyone that booed a champion” said Magpies coach Nathan Buckley, fittingly amid a chorus of boos.

Bucks’ reprimand of the MCG crowd came after Collingwood skipper Scott Pendlebury accepted his Anzac Day medal to the boos, jeers and heckles of rowdy Essendon fans by the thousand.

Speaking on Channel 7 after the match, Bucks doubled down on his comments.

“I actually made a mistake, because I said ‘Shame on booing a champion’,” he said.

“It’s not booing a champion, it’s just booing anyone.”

It’s the second booing incident in as many weeks for the AFL, who last week publicy castigated footy fans who booed dual Brownlow medalist Gary Ablett Jnr during the Cats’ comprehensive win over Hawthorn.

2007 Brownlow medalist Jimmy Bartel says he’s OK with booing being a part of the game but yesterday’s treatment of Pendlebury was misguided and inappropriate.

“I wasn’t comfortable with that yesterday,” Bartel said on Macquarie Sports Radio.

“They can claim ‘oh, we were booing the umpires’ – spare me, the umpires went off the ground 10 minutes ago and the [boos] went to another level when Scott Pendlebury started talking,

“You should be a little embarrassed by it because he is a champion of the game.”

It’s a truism that fans are emotional, and booing is an effective way for crowds to express themselves en masse. It’s also true that boos howled during play have a different tone to those bellowed at the player who was best on ground “by a mile” while he accepts his award after the match.

“The game was over, we were at the medal presentation, if you’re upset, why are you booing? They went to another level to boo Scott Pendlebury,” Bartel said.

“If you’re upset, just sit there in silence,

“Scott Pendlebury is an absolute superstar of the game, he’s played more games on the MCG than anybody else now, this guy has been an absolute champion and he’ll go down in Collingwood’s greatest 22 ever.”

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