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Thurston says a Maroons victory starts and ends with defence

Former Rugby League superstar Jonathan Thurston says the high belief held in the Maroons camp will lead Queensland to a victory tonight at Suncorp Stadium when Game One of State of Origin kicks off.

The all-time leading points scorer in State of Origin history, Thurston believes that Queensland Coach Kevin Walters has picked the best squad possible for victory tonight.

“I think he’s picked a really good squad, especially in the spine. Everyone is playing great footy at their respective clubs and I’m especially excited for Ben Hunt at Hooker, he has looked really sharp at training all week.” Thurston told Mark Levy and Mark ‘Piggy’ Riddell on Macquarie Sports Radio.

“The boys have been very confident all week. We’ve got three debutants but they haven’t looked out of place at all, they have slotted in very well. Normally south of the border, when we get a new side or a new spine, they don’t give us much hope, but the belief in this group is extremely high”

Thurston says that Blues stars James Tedesco and Damien Cook present the most danger for the Maroons tonight and believes their defence is the key to shutting them down.

“For us, it is about defending well and making sure our kick chases are on point. In Game 1 last year we didn’t defend well at all and that really let us down. So when there is a quick play the ball we need to be on high alert, especially with Cook and Tedesco running through the middle.

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