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Toby Price chasing the double in the Finke Desert Rally

Image: Sebastian Castaneda / EPA / EFE

2 time Dakar Winner, 6 time Finke bike champion, and Finke car champion Toby Price has an ever growing impressive resume and a mullet to admire.

Capturing and catapulting the sport of off road racing to a global audience with his impressive win in the Dakar Rally with a broken wrist, Toby doesn’t show an inch of ego staying to his Australian roots and chasing the next goal on 2 or 4 wheels.

The historic Finke Rally is the fastest and largest desert race in Australia as the 2 day event covers the 480 km’s of desert between Alice Springs and Finke each day!

He joins Mieke Buchan and Billy McGee to talk about the Finke desert race and the love it receives from the locals in the Norther Territory.

“There’s no other race in the world that you basically carry that type of average speed over the rough terrain”

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