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Toby Price, “The most painful days I’ve been through”

Image: Sebastian Castaneda / EPA / EFE

“I didn’t want to quit on anybody”

Toby Price did the near impossible, with a broken wrist the 31 year old from Hillston won for the second time the hardest and most grueling race on the planet, the Dakar Rally. He joins Mieke Buchan and Billy McGee to talk us through the mental strength needed and how his family and KTM family were key to hanging on in the race.

“I was always in agony and a lot of pain but I just grit my teeth and I love to ride the bike and just wanted to be there at the race, which was a big driving force”

“I knew with my wrist, if it tried to push it 100% every single day… I probably wouldn’t have made the finish line”

A race where kilometers can pass without a person in sight the Dakar Rally has a comradery that sees riders, drivers, and spectators look out for each other despite the fire of competition burning inside.

“At the end of the day we are in the middle of absolutely no where… the main priorities is just making sure the guys are OK”

Arriving back home with a wrist strapped up and and trophy to show Toby shares how special it is to him to see his sport gain recognition and how a guy ‘who just likes to ride bikes’ was shocked by the motorbike salute he received from the public.

“To be greeted back home in Brisbane like that is something I will never forget… It’s always great to see the fans and it’s a big driving force of what kept me going on in the race”

An incredible story from a humble man, don’t miss out.

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