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Todd Greenberg on CBA negotiations with NRL Referees

Todd Greenberg has spoken about the ongoing negotiations between the NRL and and the Professional Rugby League Match Officials (PRLMO) as the whistle blowers fight for a pay increase and better conditions, arguing they are an integral part of the billion dollar game

Speaking to media yesterday Greenberg said “I think we’ve made some good progress. The dialogue’s continuing between the referees and the game. I expect to have an incident free preliminary finals and Grand Final.”

When questioned on why referees are paying for their own scans and surgery after being injured at training Greenberg responded sharply, “I think you’d have to be across all of the details to make a comment like that and I would caution making comments specifically about issues in a collective bargaining agreement. So I wont get caught into specifics but I will say the dialogue and communication between the game and the referees is strong.”

On the potential threat of referees walking of the job if their demands aren’t Greenberg said, “I’m not concerned. I’m sure the referees have great respect for the role they play in the game and the importance if the preliminary finals this weekend. So very confident we’ll have an incident free couple of weeks.”

Greenberg went on to say that “No-one has been more supportive of the role of referees and play than I have. I have been a huge supporter of ensuring they know that they’ve got the strength of leadership at the game. They’re a very important part of the game.”

The PRLMO argues the players and the clubs have been rewarded as a result of the broadcast deal, but the referees are the forgotten men and women in the game.

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