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Tony Shaw slams “joke” AFL illicit drugs policy

Macquarie Sports Radio

Collingwood great Tony Shaw says it’s crucial to remember illicit drugs are illegal and they should be treated as such

It follows comments from AFLPA CEO Paul Marsh, who revealed certain players are protected from recording a second strike and incurring a four-game ban.

Shaw told Macquarie Sports Radio there should be “zero tolerance” for dealing with the “illegal activity”.

“Sooner or later, we will have someone who overdoses,” he said.

“Players have got issues with (mental health) but as soon as you say players can’t get a strike because of mental issues, you keep going to the well.

“It’s not really a drugs policy, it’s a deadset joke.”

Western Bulldogs coach Luke Beveridge and Brisbane Lions defender Luke Hodge have called for the abolition of the new team runners rule, which restricts the amount of time they spend on the field.

And Shaw said with the amount of leaders in AFL teams these days, the onus should be left on the then and not runners to organise sides during matches.

“You’ve got to get organised during the week,” he said.

‘The runners are still going to be allowed on the field after every goal, how many changes do you make after one goal?

“We’ve got leadership groups for a reason, that’s why Luke Hodge has gone up to Brisbane to (teach the players) how to do it on the ground.

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