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Tony Shaw wants to raise the draft age

Collingwood games record holder Tony Shaw would like to see the AFL draft age raised to 19 years old.

Mason Fletcher, the son of Essendon 400 game legend Dustin has decided not to nominate for this years AFL draft having not played football since May due to lower back stress fractures.

Speaking on Macquarie Sports Radio the former Collingwood captain says “Looking at the AFL draft age, I think you should make it 19. I think you should be allowed to do your VCE, get it out of the way and know you can be drafted in that year but you don’t play. A lot of people are against that.”

Fletcher managed to play 3 games this year in the TAC Cup after managing to get 10 games into his body as a bottom aged player in 2017. He has chosen to stay in the TAC Cup system and could play some games in the Essendon VFL side during 2019.

Shaw does hold some concerns about Fletcher’s body “We’re talking about Mason Fletcher, his body hasn’t been able to cope with training / playing, lower back stress fractures, that’s not a great thing early in your career.” he said.

“I would like to lift the age of the draft to 19, I don’t know whether they’re mature enough to go with it.”

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