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Tony Shaw’s passionate defence of Stephenson after ‘over the top’ penalty

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Collingwood legend Tony Shaw says Jaidyn Stephenson’s 10-week ban for betting is “over the top”.

The 20-year-old Pies forward was rubbed out for 22 matches (12 suspended) and handed a $20,000 fine for three separate bets on Collingwood matches this year.

But Shaw said while there were clear integrity issues about what Stephenson did, he thought was ban was excessive.

“There’s no doubt about it, there’s an issue with him having a bet on himself,” he told Macquarie Sports Radio.

“I think it’s just a young kid, they’re not all brain surgeons footballers and they make mistakes.

“The 10-week (ban) is a big thing, the 22 week thing, what is that?

“You either give him 10 weeks or 22 weeks.”

The 1990 Collingwood premiership captain compared Stephenson’s suspension to Andrew Gaff’s eight-game ban for knocking out Fremantle youngster Andrew Brayshaw last year.

“Andrew Gaff (king hit Andrew Brayshaw last year), breaks his jaw and gets eight weeks,” he said.

“I understand the repercussions and everyone’s got their view but I reckon it’s over the top.

“I probably would have given him four weeks, a $20,000 fine and told him to pull his head in.

“When I was coaching, you’d have 40 blokes in front of you but not everyone is taking the information (about gambling) in.

“He probably knew about it but some of them are dumb, I can’t put it any simpler.”

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