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Trent Robinson: “We’re already preparing for 2019”

Just five days after winning the 2018 NRL Grand Final, the Sydney Roosters coaching department are already back at work preparing for next season.

Mark Levy and Mark Riddell from the Macquarie Sports Radio breakfast show caught up with premiership winning coach Trent Robinson this morning, who said the Roosters are already heading into a planning meeting for 2019, despite celebrations at the club still in full swing.

Robinson says the club have been enjoying the moment and “the giddiness that comes with a grand final win” – photo sessions with fans, awards nights etc – planning for 2019 is already underway, as of today.

Known for being meticulous in his coaching style by planning months, if not years in advance, Robinson acknowledged the importance of down time, saying “the other bit about preparation is to relax, I’ve talked to the players about not preparing and staff to go away … there’s not much use talking and dreaming yet, it’s about doing the planning for pre-season but don’t start talking about anything else”.

And while all 16 NRL clubs will be busy preparing and planning for a successful 2019, the pressure is already on the Roosters, who are looking to consolidate with back to back premierships, although they’re not talking about that, yet.

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