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Turf war: ‘No A-League game should ever be scheduled at the SCG’


The condition of the turf at the SCG has become a matter of player safety after Melbourne Victory star Terry Antonis suffered a serious knee injury when he appeared to slip on the centre square wicket.

Nobody needs to be reminded that the ‘C’ in ‘SCG’ stands for Cricket. Drop in pitches, while great for cricket, make for terrible football pitches and Drive host David ‘Ox’ Schwarz says it’s clearly a matter of player safety.

“You would expect that the ground, from goal to goal, and from line to line, is in safe playing condition,” he said

“Clearly this wasn’t the case,

“Now, I understand there’s a drop in pitch – we know that but it still doesn’t mean you can’t get your surface up to scratch.”

Speaking with co-host Mark Allen, Ox says he’d like to see the Professional Footballers Australia “fight for player safety,”

“Go in there and say ‘we’re not playing today, today is not the day we are playing’ – this will make venues stand up.” he said.

In response, Allen sees it differently and argues for a simpler fix.

“No A-League game should ever be scheduled at the SCG,” he said.

“If they do not like playing across a cricket pitch – that’s no going anywhere, it wasn’t magically going to disappear,

“Pick another venue.”

With Allianz Stadium being demolished, the SCG is under the pump and chaotic scheduling sees AFL, NRL, Super Rugby and A-League teams sharing the surface.

Let’s call it for what it is: a turf war.

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