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Greg Growden unleashes on Australian Rugby: ‘This team is a mess’

ESPN Rugby writer Greg Growden has unleashed on the current state of the Wallabies suggesting the “team is a mess”.

And Growden didn’t stop there – having a crack at the Rugby Australia Board.

It seems like Cricket Australia isn’t the only organisation in a mess.

The Wallabies narrowly avoided a last-placed finish in this year’s Rugby Championship after winning just two games, while they didn’t look like challenging for the Bledisloe Cup against New Zealand.

There’s also been pressure piled on incumbent coach Michael Cheika and his coaching staff on the back of their lack of success

“This team is a mess,” Growden said.

“They can’t quite work out what their best line-up is and they have shown they take the adage ‘near enough is good enough’.

“So they should beat Wales, talent-wise they should do it, but the problem is this team is frazzled.”

They begin their Spring tour on November 11 against Wales in Cardiff followed by clashes against Italy and England which could be crucial to several key stakeholders within the Australian set-up.

Reports emerged a similar review to the one Cricket Australia has been subject to this year also took place – however it was allegedly kept secret – much to the angst of Growden.

“I found some astounding comments where a former Chairman Michael Hawker couldn’t even remember the review taking place,” Growden said.

“It’s very bewildering – but very Rugby Australia.

“We heard there was this review going on but it suddenly disappeared.

“But that’s the point about Rugby Australia, they’ve become a very secretive organisation and don’t let too much out and just keep pushing this message that everything’s great because the participation numbers are so good in the game.

“The sad thing about the game at the moment is there’s a feeling of complacency, a feeling of efficacy, and a lot of people have had a gutful of it.

“They look at head office and they’ve allowed this coaching regime – which is now batting at less than 50% – and they’ve done nothing about it.”

Australia has only won three of its 10 Test matches throughout the 2018 International season.


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