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Wally Lewis ‘Broncos need time to develop’

Wally ‘The King’ Lewis has declared that the Brisbane Broncos will take time to become a genuine premiership threat under new coach Anthony Siebold.

Following their 22-12 loss to the Melbourne Storm, Lewis told Macquarie Sports Radio that the Broncos will need to become accustomed to Siebold’s new style of play if they are gong to be successful this year.

“I think it’s going to take about three or four weeks until the Broncos get used to a completely different style of play. The pattern they’ve used in training has looked fairly impressive but when you come up against a defence like Melbourne Storm it is very hard,” he said.

“It’s certainly going to take Anthony Siebold a while but the thing I have enjoyed when listening to him talk during pre-season is that there is no rubbish with him. He is a very genuine fellow and he knows that it’s going to take a bit of time.”

The Rugby League Immortal also said that season opening performance by the referees was a great sign for things to come.

The King’ believes the referees finally let the game flow and it was a welcome relief for all rugby league supporters.

“The game flowed and that is what everyone who is a rugby league fan has been seeking for a very long time. If the game flows, the players seem to fit in it very comfortably.

“The referees have the toughest job in the world but if they allow it to continue on, then the players can’t afford to give away penalties.”

Lewis believes that with fewer penalties, players and coaches will now even be more aware of giving them away.

“The players now know there won’t be any position for them to give away penalties because coaches won’t accept them anymore. We’ve had so many games decided by such short margins so these penalties are crucial. I thought the refs were great, and when they produce a game like that where there aren’t too many stop and starts then it creates a great game.”