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WATCH: Anna Meares opens up on winning THAT Olympic gold medal in London

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Australian track cycling legend Anna Meares has opened up on her mindset before beating arch-rival Victoria Pendleton in the women’s sprint at the London Olympics.

Meares, a two-time Olympic champion, came back from a severe accident at a World Cup event in January 2008 to win silver at the Beijing Olympics before claiming a heroic gold medal in London four years later.

The five-time Olympian told Macquarie Sports Radio despite the horrific accident – where she broke her neck after crashing into a wall at high speed – she was always focused on achieving her goal of winning gold in the sprint event at London 2012.

“There we value in my goal and I just couldn’t let it go,” she said.

“All of my focus went to the people who could make that happen and as a result of that, I learnt about my strength and weaknesses.

“I gained incredible gratitude for what I was doing and who I was working with and you’ll notice that nine of my 11 world titles came after that accident.”

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Her battle with Great Britain’s Victoria Pendleton was one of the story of the London Olympics from an Australian perspective and Meares revealed she saw her as the benchmark, driving her to ultimately beating her in the gold medal event.

“There was a period where for six years where she was undefeated internationally,” she said.

“He was just that good, she was the best modern-day sprinter of the era therefore if I was going to defeat her in London, I had to get better as she wasn’t going to get worse.

“That’s where the whole ‘know thy enemy’ project came from my team and particularly my coach Gary West, where we did a lot of analy

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