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WATCH | ‘I knew there was no stage-five’: Mark Allen joins Mike Sheahan on Open Mike

Macquarie Sports Radio Drive co-host Mark Allen is in the grips of the biggest battle in his life, bravely fighting stage-four bowel cancer.

Allen recently underwent a third round of major surgery which successfully removed 70 per cent of his bowel in addition to previously having 18 per cent of his lung removed earlier this year.

Mark caught up with long-serving co-host David ‘Ox’ Schwarz and super-sub Matt Granland and said his recovery is on track.

“I’m getting there,” Marko said.

“Today is the best I’ve felt since the operation, it’s a big step forward.

“I’m starting to get my voice back, this feeling of being extremely uncomfortable is slowly disappearing and I really am looking forward to coming back in and starting some work.”

Allen recently sat down with Mike Sheahan, host of Open Mike on Fox Footy which can be seen tonight at 8:30pm, and he hopes that by telling his story he can encourage others to seek help, take the tests, and even save lives.

“If people do get that letter in the mail and do the poo test – and nobody wants to do it, apparently only 4 in 10 people do it,” Marko explains.

“If more people can do that, that would be great, if you have bowel cancer or any other type of cancer in your family, go out and get checked up.”

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With his recovery on track, Mark and his wife Trisha sat down with Mike Sheahan, host of Open Mike on FOX FOOTY, where they discussed the life-changing moment experienced after awakening from a colonoscopy.

“I woke up, and I could see it in [the doctor’s] face and he didn’t want to tell me, and he said ‘we found one mate and it looks likely to me,’ Allen tells Mike Sheahan.

“And that was it.”

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Few things can rock your world quite like a stage-four cancer diagnosis and Allen’s mind went to the worst as he drove home from the doctors: what song will play at my funeral?

“That’s really selfish behaviour, thinking about that sort of stuff,

“Because then, not long after, you start thinking, what’s Trish going to do? What are the kids going to do?

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WATCH | Open Mike, featuring Mark Allen. Tuesday night at 8:30pm on FOX FOOTY (channel 504 on Foxtel).