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Seibold-Bennett coaching circus finally comes to an end

It’s been the longest circus of the 2018 NRL season, but finally the Anthony Seibold and Wayne Bennett coaching saga has come to a resolution.

That’s right – Seibold will take charge at Red Hill and Bennett will coach South Sydney in 2019.

The situation came to a head yesterday when key Broncos stakeholders Paul White and Karl Morris announced they had sensationally sacked the club’s most successful coach in their history.

Issues first arose when Bennett was earlier this year informed his services were no longer needed beyond the 2019 season – prompting him to look elsewhere – as Brisbane pursued Seibold.

With deals in place for 2019 and beyond, speculation intensified that the two coaches would exchange clubs next season.

However, an agreement was never reached as Broncos Board members felt the situation had become ‘unworkable’ with Bennett.

The 68-year-old reportedly breached his contract as he contacted South Sydney players to plan for 2019.

He also announced at a press conference on Friday that he would be remaining at Red Hill for next season – with Broncos Board members apparently oblivious to his actions.

Seven News sports journalist Chris Garry said the Broncos always wanted to wield the axe on Bennett.

“They always wanted to sack him, but what was stopping them was the higher ups at News Corp who were weary of sacking a Broncos legend and making Bennett into a martyr,” Garry said.

“But certainly that story that came on Sunday from ‘Buzz’ Rothfield helped public perception.

“That really helped turned public perception against Wayne – News Corp and the Broncos realised ‘we’ve just got to pull the trigger here, we’re probably not going to cop the flack that we would have if we’d done it three years ago, let’s do it now’.

“But ultimately no-one at the Broncos wanted Wayne Bennett to be their coach in 2019.

“It was bound to happen.”

Seibold will now join Brisbane on a five-year deal, while Bennett will travel to Redfern on a three-year contract effective immediately.


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