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‘We didn’t have that magic’: What happens when Wayne Bennett leaves a club


Brisbane’s from-bad-to-worse season has the pressure meter peaking at unusually high levels for a team used to dominating.

Things can’t get much worse for new coach Anthony Seibold who inherited the keys to Red Hill from supercoach Wayne Bennett in acrimony.

Bennett is a tough act to follow. The most successful coach in NRL history is also the foundation coach at the Broncos and the only head honcho to put a premiership trophy in the Broncos’ cabinet. Six of them, in fact. There’s also a cult of personality about the man which former NRL star Jamie Soward experienced first hand while playing under Wayne Bennett during his stint at the Dragons.

Soward tells Billy and Mieke on Macquarie Sports Radio that players go through “an adjustment period” when Wayne leaves a club.

“We won the competition in 2010, 2011 was Wayne’s last year, and in 2012 we had pretty much the same team but we just didn’t have that magic.” he said.

“Wayne connects with you on such a personal level, he comes across as that wily old fox, the Clint Eastwood type who doesn’t really give much away, but he’s one of the most caring people you’ll ever meet.

“Still to this day we all hear about players still contact him long after, I texted him after last week because I thought it was an absolute masterclass from the greatest coach of all time in how to handle the media and put the pressure all no the Broncos, and his team came out and played for that.

“The Rabbitohs last week, all they had to do was prepare, none of their players were in the media, none of the big names came out and said anything.

“It was all the Broncos deflecting and Darius had to answer questions, and as much as it would’ve hurt having to do that to Darius, Wayne is about trying to win premierships.

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