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‘We got nothing from him, he never gave a truthful answer’ – Former Demon whacks his old coach

Former Demons player Brent Moloney made his feelings towards his old Melbourne coach Mark Neeld known this morning saying that Neeld would never give a straight answer to players.

“He manipulated his answers, he would never give you a straight answer to anything and he coached that way as well.” Moloney told Macquarie Sports Radio Melbourne Breakfast

Moloney, who left the Demons in 2012, also talked about how hard it was for him to leave Melbourne after 122 games.

“I was in my prime. I was comfortable in Melbourne. I had to change my life around and move interstate because of one guy. I was really happy in Melbourne.”

Moloney also gave an insight into what Neeld was like as a coach in his brief time at the Demons.

“He never spoke to the leaders, when you get to the footy club as a coach, you get to the leaders and they can pass the messages on to the younger players. We got nothing from him though.”

Neeld won 5 games as Demons coach between 2012 and 2013, having coached 33 games of football. He was later sacked and joined Essendon as an assistant before being relieved of his duties earlier this year.

Beams took to instagram and twitter to share his thoughts on Neeld after he did an Open Mike interview, with Moloney not agreeing with anything said by Neeld.



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The Truth Hurts..#openmike

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