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‘We plan on having more teams in the competition by 2019/20’. NBL CEO Jeremy Loeliger on NBL expansion

NBL CEO Jeremy Loeliger spoke to Jimmy Bartel and Tony Leonard on Thursday morning and hinted that expansion is not far away in the NBL.

“I would expect to see at least one additional team in Melbourne for the 2019/20 season. There is also a distinct possibility there will be a tenth team brought into the competition that season as well.” Loeliger told Macquarie Sports Radio Melbourne breakfast.

Loeliger also discussed the contract of Andrew Bogut and the plan that he had to create a competition that NBA calibre players want to come to.

“Three years ago we set ourselves an objective that one day we would like to be the custodians of a league that guys like Andrew Bogut would be proud to return to.” Loeliger said.

When asked how Bogut’s contract was structured Loeliger said “It is a pretty unique structure, basically his share will be held in a blind trust so Andrew will have the benefit of the capital increase on the value of those shares.

‘Andrew is a marquee player like any other, so only the first $150,000 of his contract falls under the salary cap, the rest falls outside the cap.’


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