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Western United will build, ‘a soul and a proper identity’

Image: Julian Smith / AAP

Western United FC are the next exciting team to enter the A-League. Based in Wyndham Victoria the club will look to make an immediate impact and raise the level of competition in the national league to the next level.

New appointed head coach Mark Rudan joined Mieke Buchan and Billy McGee on this incredibly rare opportunity to raise a club from the ground up.

“Coaches don’t get opportunities like this all that often”

“A lot of the things we spoke about in negotiations were around creating a proper football club that has a soul and a proper identity for our fans to understand and be able to link with.”

Writing history for the club was a responsibility and a chance that Rudan couldn’t pass up and he reflects on the importance of weaving in the proper values early into a club and setting up for future success”

“(We will) create a certain culture and environment, and build it on good values”

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