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‘What are they doing?’: Levy slams Folau hearing timeline


Mark Levy can’t understand why a decision on Israel Folau’s future is taking so long.

The controversial Wallabies star’s Instagram post was made on April 10 but Rugby Australia announced a Code of Conduct hearing will only take place on May 4.

The head body previously announced their intention to terminate Folau’s contract following multiple offensive social media post in the past two years.

Levy said he remains dumbfounded by how long Rugby Australia have taken to make a definitive decision on his future in the game.

“It means from the time he’s posted (what he has) on social media to the time they’re going to rule on it, it’s nearly a month,” he said.

“We can put a man on the moon yet we have to wait a month to found out if Israel Folau’s contract is going to be terminated.”

“The never-ending story continues.”

But Mark Riddell said he understood the delay, telling Macquarie Sports Radio it was vital both parties in the case were able to sufficiently prepare.

“Both parties need to get their defence in line,” he said.

“But it’s not going to be the end of the it, whoever loses will appeal and it’ll go the court.

“It’ll drag on longer than May 5 anyway.”

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