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What it’s like to play golf at Augusta National


For golfers, Augusta National is hallowed turf which exists on a plane above us mere mortals. It’s almost impossible to score a tee time at this venerated golf club and only the world’s greatest players (and a handful of loaded members) are privileged enough to play here, wandering from tee to green among the pine straw and azaleias.

Oh, and Mick Warner.

As one of the nations most accomplished AFL journalists, he was the obvious choice (go figure) to travel to August and cover the Masters, witnessing Tiger Woods pull off the most stunning comeback in the history of sport.

And if that wasn’t sufficient reward for traveling all the way to Georgia, Mick also received a bonus worthy of fluro green envy.

“Some journalists have been going to Augusta for 50 or 60 years,” Drive host Mark Allen explains.

“And they put their name into a hat, and if their name gets drawn out of that hat, you get to play,”

“It’s like the Golden Wonka ticket,” co-host David ‘Ox’ Schwarz adds.

Somehow, someway, Mick Warner’s name was drawn from that hat, and he was one of the rare but lucky few to play Augusta.

“I’ll tell you straight off the top, 100 off the stick,” Warner admits.

“It was atrocious.”

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