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Who controls the Boombox? What’s your number?

The kettle was on and the coffee strong for Sunday Morning with Julian King and Darren Lehmann.

The boys unpack the ins-and-outs of the first test from Edgbaston along with NSW pace bowler Trent Copeland. Boof brings his take on the umpiring and the line-up, a key name missing that dumbfounded him.
Motorsport is coming in hot with Jon Thomson live from the home of Indycar, and former MotoGP rider Kevin Magee bringing us the latest from the Hungarian GP and Czech Republic GP on both 4 and 2 wheels.

Gary Belcher and Matty Granland dissect the NRL and AFL as both competitions edge closer to the pointy end of things.

Mr. Tennis himself Craig Gabriel shares his excitement as Nick Kyrgios advances to the final of the Washington Open, and Boof shares who controlled the boom box in the cricket dressing room.

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