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Why Lee Holdsworth is disappointed with Scott McLaughlin

Piggy, Levy & Jimmy

Tickford Racing’s Lee Holdsworth has weighed in on the simmering rivalry between Scott McLaughlin and David Reynolds.

Reynolds branded McLaughlin “boring”, “precious” and “corporatised” last week.

And Holdsworth told Macquarie Sports Radio it was “disappointing” to see the Supercars leader change his public persona.

“I used to be really close with Scotty,” he said.

‘He’s changed teams and become more of a professional and in the environment that he’s in, he’s certainly had to adapt.

“He is corporate Scotty, Reynolds is trying to fire up a feud and Scotty keeps putting the fire away.

“I like the old Scotty that said it how it was on TV and I thought that was really cool.

“To lose that, it’s a little bit disappointing for the fans.”

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(Image: Daniel Kalisz/Getty Images)

Piggy, Levy & Jimmy