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Why Phil Davis is having “panic attacks” over rule changes

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GWS Giants co-captain Phil Davis has revealed he’s sought clarity in the past fortnight about the AFL’s new rules on body contact.

He told Macquarie Sports Radio it was important to protect players while also ensuring the integrity of one-on-one contests were preserved.

“I must admit over the last couple of weeks I’ve had little panic attacks here and there watching games,” he said.

“I’ve messaged (Giants GM of Football) Wayne Campbell who used to head of umpiring, sometimes the best time to check a player is when they’re looking at the ball but unfortunately at the moment it’s being highlighted quite a bit.

“I think it’s more about getting clarity around it – I understand that you’ve got to be careful and not injure someone when they’re not watching but part of me also thinks (opposition players) have to be aware which is important.

Davis’ teammate Shane Mumford is eligible for selection this week after his two-game suspension concluded but he admitted the emergence of incumbent ruckman Dawson Simpson made his return a tricky proposition.

“I’m not 100 per cent sure (if Mumford’s returning), he said.

“Dawson Simpson’s been doing a good job (so) I’m not sure if they can both play (in the same team).

“The hardest thing is the Shane Mumford of two years ago probably walks straight back in but once you have a year off football, you’re not quite sure.

“It’ll be a tough call.”

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