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Why Riddell has ‘no problem’ with Folau returning to Rugby League

Levy & Riddell

Former Eels and Dragons player Mark Riddell sees no issue with Israel Folau’s reported interest in returning to Rugby League.

After having his contract torn up by Rugby Australia, Folau is reportedly interested in an NRL comeback.

The 30-year-old played 91 games for Brisbane Broncos and Melbourne Storm between 2007 and 2010 before making the switch to Rugby.

NRL officials won’t entertain a Folau return while his controversial Instagram post is still active but Riddell said current Rugby League players have done far worse than him and he should be allowed back if certain social media clauses are inserted into his contract.

“I think he should be allowed to play in our game,” he told Macquarie Sports Radio.

“The simplest thing for Israel Folau is get off social media, (just) don’t get on it.

“I don’t think the NRL should turn him away and ban like they have at this point – when you read about what Folau’s prepared to do to come back, I’ve got no problem if he wants to return.

“We give second chances to all these people who have committed actual crimes but we’re going to turn Folau even though he has stated he’s happy to go through the process to tow the party line.

“You know what, there’s a lot of people in the game that agree with his thoughts.

“I’ve got no issue with him coming back to the game as long as he’s happy to make sure he’s doing the right thing with his social media and pushing all these religious beliefs on everyone else.”

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Levy & Riddell