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Will Pucovski is “better prepared than most of his peers”, believes Rohan Connolly


The inclusion of young cricketer Will Pucovski into the Australian Test side against Sri Lanka was a surprising announcement to most, with the 20-year-old having only recently returned to the sport after taking time off to deal with mental health issues.

Rohan Connolly disagrees with criticism that it is too soon for Pucovski to be selected, saying that “Pucovski isn’t just an outstanding cricketer, but a remarkable young man.” 

After listening to a podcast in which Fox Cricket’s Tom Morris speaks candidly with Pucovski, Connolly believes that “at just 20 years of age, Pucovski is one of the most thoughtful and articulate sports people I think I’ve ever heard speak.”

“Most significantly, though, the candour with which he talks about his mental health says to me that the battle to de-stigmatise mental illness is finally being won.” Connolly says. 

Connolly went on to describe his own experiences with mental health.

I’ve faced my own demons, and been treated for depression several times during my adult life. That’s something which even a few years ago, I would have felt too embarrassed to discuss publicly.”

Addressing the backlash towards the selection, Connolly believes that “people concerned about Pucovski’s recent battles somehow affecting his capacity to represent his country have it wrong.”

“I believe his courage and honesty in addressing those matters and being prepared to share that experience in fact leave him even better prepared than most of his peers.”

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