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Worldwide outcry as Australian swimmer tests positive for banned drug

Piggy, Levy & Jimmy

Australian swimmer Shayna Jack has tested positive to banned substance Ligandrol.

After mysteriously withdrawing from the FINA World Championships before it began, it’s now emerged she’s been secretly under ASADA investigation.

Jack, 20, confirmed via Instagram her B sample came back positive on July 19.

“I was in complete shock, asking myself how and why is this happening to me,” she said on social media.

“My brain repeated over and over: ‘I have always checked my substances’, ‘I didn’t do this’, ‘why is this happening to me?’, ‘I’ve done nothing wrong’.

“I could still hear the woman in the background on the phone, talking more about what will go on and that I have to leave the camp and return home.”

Swimming Australia has come under intense scrutiny for not making the news public sooner, with Mack Horton’s much-publicised stance against convicted drug cheat Sun Yang during the championships coming just days after the positive test was received.

Mark Levy said he had “no sympathy” for anyone who tests positive for performance-enhancing drugs in sport.

“The reason I have such a big issue with this is Swimming Australia knew full well there was bad blood between Mack Horton and Sun Yang,” he said on Macquarie Sports Radio.

“They would’ve known something was brewing and something was going to happen.

“The whole thing is a disgrace.

“Swimming Australia needs to start answering some serious questions.”

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Image: Delly Carr/Getty Images

Piggy, Levy & Jimmy