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UPDATE | Would you trade pick #1?

UPDATE | Carlton are believed to be putting pick #1 in the 2018 National Draft up for trade.

Matt Thompson & Jimmy Bartel discussed the speculation and meeting that the Blues had yesterday with Jack Lukosius and Connor Rozee as to whether they’re considering talking to the Suns about moving pick 1 on in the hope of getting 2 picks inside the top 10.

LAST WEEK | “If you’re the list manager for Gold Coast right now and Carlton come to you and say you can have pick 1 but we want 2 and 6 off you, would you do it?”

That was the question posed by 1985 Brownlow Medallist Brad Hardie on Macquarie Sports Radio breakfast.

There has been many discussions, speculation and innuendo during the AFL trade period that the Blues may be considering putting pick #1 on the trade table in a bid to find two draft picks inside the top 10.

“It’s definitely on the table, Carlton is definitely trying to do that.” said Hardie.

For the first time ever the AFL draft will introduce the live trading of picks meaning they can move up or down the draft order as they please. Picks are available to be exchanged but once a player is locked in and announced by the club they cannot be moved.

With this years crop of young kids being touted as the “super draft” and future stars of the competition, two picks inside the top 10 will prove invaluable for the struggling Blues who haven’t tasted Premiership success since 1995. Hardie believes a swapping of the number 1 pick between Carlton and the Gold Coast Suns would pay dividends in the long run.

“I reckon it’s a smart move, I’d rather get 2 and 6 because they can get 2 Melbourne based players.”

The AFL Draft will be held over a 2 day period on November 22 & 23. Hear every pick live on Macquarie Sports Radio.