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‘You can’t be completely tone deaf’: Bartel looking forward to Stratton explanation

Levy, Riddell & Bartel

Jimmy Bartel says he’s looking forward to seeing how Hawthorn captain Ben Stratton explains himself at the tribunal.

The 30-year-old defender was charged with pinching Orazio Fantasia, stomping on Shaun McKernan’s foot as well as fined for an obscene gesture directed at the crowd.

Bartel applauded the decision to not initially had him a suspension, with Match Review Officer Michael Christian sending two of the three incidents directly to the tribunal.

“Because pinching is not that forceful, I want to hear from Stratton (to explain) what the hell is going through (his) head so then it’s directly quoted,” he said.

“This is one where (he) seriously needs to get up in front of people and go ‘I decided to have an absolute night on Friday’.

Bartel told Macquarie Sports Radio it was only natural for the trio of incidents to come under greater scrutiny considering the magnitude of Friday night football.

“You can’t be completely tone deaf,” he said.

“It’s Friday night footy, there always seems to be an extra focus.

“The other (incident) which is very dangerous, the footage of Stratton stomping on McKernan, he could’ve broken his foot.”

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Levy, Riddell & Bartel